Let's change the world

I often ask my fellow fundraisers….are we changing the world today? Sometimes this question has been humorous with my colleagues, but when you work at a charity/nonprofit, you mean it.

How am I going to change the world today?

I’ve watched a couple of my mentors go through a pretty rough week. They realized they do live in a white and privileged community and have not necessarily done anything to change that. I looked in the mirror and thought, whoa, I do the same thing. 

The business we do tends to be with people like us. It’s very natural, but when we are being challenged by our peers and witness it on our screens and local protests, it’s time to take action and examine how our businesses run and who we do business with and make the changes necessary.

My friends, we all need to include more people who are not like us. Doing this will make it an even better world to live. We will learn so much.

I urge you to stand up, take a look around and make small changes that will make a difference to so many, now and in the future.

My challenge to you is this:

Let’s change our world one step at a time. Connect with someone in your circle who doesn’t look like you and seek to find the similarities that you have. Have a virtual coffee. Ask questions, just because!

I’ll do the same.

#blacklivesmatter #learnfromeachother

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