A passion for all things digital 

Hi there! I'm Kelly. Welcome. I'm super excited that you are here.

It's me.

With over 20 years of experience working in the online space, and over a decade working as a fundraiser, I'd like to share my passion and guide my fellow nonprofit leaders on their journey into the digital world.

I've helped many people in organizations, both locally and globally, succeed in online business. From my early experience working in a digital music and web hosting company to bringing a baby product business online, I'm inspired by the opportunities that the internet can deliver for everyone.

Fast forward to today. The world is in a state of flux and the online business is picking up speed. With tools like social media, modern CRM databases, video and meeting technology like Zoom, your cause is ready to be amplified.

I'm excited to share simple digital solutions that can help you cultivate and acquire new relationships with prospects and donors. The technology can help you build hard-to-resist online communities that will delight, steward, and retain your supporters.

I will help you get there.

As you elevate your knowledge and develop your digital skill set you'll be able to lead your team, raise awareness for your mission, attract more investment and create an even more significant impact for your cause.

Let's do this!

Visit our contact us page and set up a discovery call. The first 30 minutes is on me.